Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I did make that shopping trip in the end (at my own folly, as all I bought was a black t-shirt and some underwear, while losing 5 hours which could have been spent reducing some of my enormous pile of work. And that is no mere saying. I literally have a pile of books, files and loose sheets of paper stacked on my bedroom floor. I was woken from a distracted sleep at 3:41am by the whole thing collapsing, and spent 5 minutes grubbing around on the floor in the dark trying to stack everything back up again before realising, oh no wait, sleep is more important than a tidy room. Glad we got that sorted out.)

Anyway, I mention this shopping trip (yes, I did mention it way back at the start before that massive parenthesis) because I actually came across the perfect pair of faux-leather trousers . They were on a mannequin in the window of H & M (I did an embarrassing cartoon double take when I saw them), and inside the shop they were being advertised, larger than life, in the campaign shot below. Perfect, I thought, with double exposure they're sure to have the trousers in stock.

Apparently not.

This, my friends, is why you don't shop on a Sunday afternoon. I can't find them online either. Now, I feel that my life is incomplete without this specific pair of trousers.Help?



Yelena said...

I've been eyeing a pair, but i'm not sure if I could pull them off on my petite frame.. still debating :)
I hate when stores do that, you have your heart set on them because they're not only in their ads, but also on the manequin and then they don't have your size, or any at all. Hope you find a pair soon though! :)
I can totally relate to your stacks story, my room was full of stacks for weeks, i finally organized it on Saturday. Got rid of most of it, so now I can walk around my room and not trip over a stack of books and papers :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Zabrinah said...

Hehe. I KNOW I cannot and will not pull of leather trousers. I can only admire them from afar, like in store windows!

Hehe. Nice post!


Best wishes,