Monday, 1 November 2010


I don't know where this tidal wave of beautifully simple, perfectly draped blouses came from. Where was the earthquake that caused it? It seems to be a trend on the streets which has risen in tandem with, or even in isolation from, the runway shows, which is just how I like it. You know, Sticking It To The Man-haha, we commoners can also have ideas of our own! Only thing is, like every good trend it has now been appropriated by the expensive places so that now I can't actually afford the simple, easy-breezy blouse/shirt of my dreams. (NOT button down! That is such an illogical name for an item of clothing. I button down my coat and my jeans (old Levis, anyway-not that I own any, but you know, if I did), but they are not referred to as button-downs. Anyway, sometimes you leave shirts unbuttoned. HA.)

Nevertheless, tomorrow I shall be posting my internet haul. Would do it tonight, but ya know, laziness and that. And the new Vogue (looks goooood this month). And work. In that order.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween! Drop a link in the comments if you had a good costume. I like to marvel at other people's energy levels and creativity.


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