Thursday, 4 November 2010


I'm surprised how resilient khaki has been in resisting the relentless march of fashion onwards from popular trends. Granted, much of the summer neutral rush has faded now, but I still see plenty of parkas and fatigue-style top layers out on the street even though the season has definitely turned for the worse (i.e., to winter). I now regret not buying one in Topshop's end-of-summer sale, as I thought it would be a trend that wouldn't outlast the summer! Fail predicting on my part there.

I think olive looks better with black tights or jeans underneath it than blue denim shorts and bare legs, and combined with the fact that parkas tend to be at least slightly waterproof, this actually looks like being a practical trend as well as an aesthetically pleasing one-two out of two, when often I end up looking at Vogue's predictions for the upcoming season and finding items which score zero. Maybe I should be thinking about buying up some khaki after all...



Luci Ana said...

oh dear, thank you so much! Yes, right, my new Blog. Nice to hear :) I love this post and all these inspirations with khaki clothes are great!


I'm looking for one like these!!!
Great post :)


Jess said...

that fourth photo has got me totally captivated.