Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I don't do internet shopping. The only thing I've ever bought online has been my River Island aviator jacket, and that was because they only had massive sizes left in the shops. I've never browsed online, found something I like the look of and idly purchased it in the hope it'll fit/look nice on someone who isn't 7 feet tall and thin as a whippet. (Especially shoes-shoes are so important to get right, and you just can't tell by looking if they'll be comfy or not! (Or maybe that's just me and my massively fat feet).

BUT, I still like perusing online fashion sites when I occasionally have the time, just because the styling is so genius. Net-a-porter, Asos, Zara (especially Zara!)...if you're ever stuck in a style rut, 5 minutes online will get you out guaranteed. Below, I'm loving the hats/shorts-for-winter/long-short combinations going on courtesy of Asos. And what are your must-visit sites for impeccable styling?



Luci Ana said...

I really like these combinations from asos!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

netaporter, zara, asos magazine and anthropologie definitely dole out the inspiration in their styling.