Sunday, 28 November 2010


I don't kid myself into thinking that I'm any sort of great photographer. Still, there are often times when I'm out and about and see something that I wish I could photograph-only, as I don't lug my camera with me to school every day, I rarely have the opportunity to actually cement the image onto my memory card. Things I've noticed over the past week or two are: a weather vane illuminated by golden evening sunlight against iron-grey clouds; a building-sized Beatles iTunes advert, with the sunlight falling just over Lennon's face; the sun setting on a freezing cold day, gradating from blue to pink in a cloudless sky. I can see these things in my mind even if I can't display them in photos.

The view from my window is something I take photos of often, even though it's really not very exciting. It's something that I always have time to snap a shot of before I get dressed; I like how something so familiar can still be new and interesting if you take a step back and really see it, instead of just looking.

(own photos-please credit)


Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

WOW, those are amazing!! From the last one I think you live in Jane Eyre mansion England. Sweet.

Mumbles said...

I love the first picture
they're so so good
hope you're having a nice week