Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I need to stock up on black tees and cardigans from H and M so I can work this look into my everyday style. My lack of a black leather jacket suddenly seems like a massive flaw in my attempt to sophisticatise my wardrobe. (I've worn trackies to school 2 days out of 3 this week...).



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I don't believe you wear trackies that much with your good high-end fashion tastes :) Love these photos.

Mumbles said...

Ahahah I don't believe you wore trackies either, but I'm sure it was a nice one
I love those pictures, these girls look amazing, so inpirational
thanks so much for sharing
I need to go to H&M too, the clothes this season are so so nice


Romany said...

thank god for black. such an easy classic colour...
a lot of these women also have really beautiful hair...damn them! haha. ;)

supercalifragilisticespiallidocious said...

gaah youve made me realize for the 100th time that i still do not have a flowy skirt/dress in my wardrobe and it is being a major disturbance in the fashion part of my head .