Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I personally consider fashion photography-or some of it at least-to be art. Not your average Vogue Nippon over-edited studio shot, perhaps, but certainly some of the editorials out there are serious stuff. Many of the foremost artists of the last century were, at least in part, photographers: Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Helmut get the gist. Anyway, this isn't a digression into the 'fashion as art' debate-instead, it's a combination of fashion and art-or fashion and sculpture, more specifically.

Got to dash-the Apprentice this week is about fashion (buying from up-and-coming designers, or something? My dad just popped in to give me his scrambled version of the truth) so can't miss it! (I've realised this blog makes it sound like I do nothing but watch tv-which isn't true. I spend a fair amount of time watching it, but not as much as your average teenager, I'd say. Anyway, we all need time to unwind...Standard excuse for the parents every time!



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Fashion photography is art (one of my favorite forms) and I love these :)

Tanichi said...

I love this photos! Nice blog :)