Monday, 28 June 2010


I hope people like this recent surge in image-based posts. Usually I try at least to link the photos I post by a theme, but the theme of 'summer' doesn't really count, I feel...I usually get a few positive comments each time I post them, but I started this blog intending it to be a platform for writing, and although I don't do much of that I do try (even if it fails a lot of the time!) to write something coherent (as opposed to just a filler) each time I post. I know that I've been rolling out the excuses for the past...well, longer than I like to think about really, and this probably isn't the time to mention that I'm actually going away for three weeks fairly soon where I'm pretty sure I won't be able to blog or even have access to the internet (well, I mentioned it anyway!).

SO, what is the point to that self-absorbed ramble? If you actually read it and can tell me, brilliant. Basically, are you liking all the pictures? Yes/no answer, I hope you realise, I made it easy for you.



Sofia said...

I'm loving all the pictures!
And I also like to read your writing! :)

Luci Ana said...

Wonderful inspiring post & pictures!!

minnja said...


kirstyb said...

these make me wanna go back on holiday! sigh xxxxx

jennaforjethro said...

these are gorgeous, beautiful colour palettes. looking at your blog honestly gives me so much inspiration with my work so thank you lovely! (im so glad you are moved by my post, hearing those words from someone outside really reminds me why I do it)