Thursday, 17 June 2010


I'm telling you, making these collages is weirdly therapeutic. Good tip for stress removal.

Good workwear, also some awesome slouchy pieces I wouldn't mind owning either.

Not such a fan of the tan moon boots, but the colours and patters are awesome.

Not wild about this collection, but I like the shape of the trousers.

The colours are amazing-that yellow! And that blue! And the construction is so interesting, especially the draped dresses. Love it.

The cropped shirt in that shorts suit is genius.

Another cropped shirt! And nudes, suits-do we see a slight trend here? Just maybe?


I reckon this is what a modern day Marie Antoinette would wear. All those frills and pink-so utterly girly and perfect. I want to wear that hot pink gown.

More prints and brights-and headscarfs, which are becoming one of those weird trends that start on the street and move backwards onto the runway. (Or into the studio, in the case of resort).

Cool trousers, lots of black (a surefire winner) and more slouchiness.

Lots of clean lines and nice muted colours. Like it a lot a lot.

I think I need those jeans now? Thank you.

I think Tavi says it better than me really.

Nice dresses. Many, many nice dresses.

More prints! And cool suits and a really nice minidress.

More black. And we like the tights.

I'm running out of steam a bit here...

...can you tell?

Tum tum tee tum...

Oh look! Nice dresses. The end.



Luci Ana said...

I love all, especially Pucci, Lang, Row,....

NADINE said...

great selection!



Ineresting... a very lovely collection.. :)

jennaforjethro said...

i have mixed emotions about these.. they're so beautiful and i want to eat them all but then I'm sad because i cant afford them.. gah! Can't afford them 'yet' keep saying that Jenna...