Tuesday, 15 June 2010


As a distraction from the bleak solitude of my revision I watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette the other night (I'd somehow managed to get this far in life without seeing it. Actually, there are a lot of 'you haven't seen that?!' films I haven't seen. Like Titanic. (But it's ok, I was given it for my birthday so that'll all be different soon!)). Anyway, I know it's the ultimate 'heyy guys i saw this film the other nite and its sooooo beautiful and soooo indie and i was soooooooo inspired and now im gunna post loads of edited internet fotos with pink fluffy kittens on the border on my flickr page' post, but it was such a beautiful film (so much pink! And so much food! I swear I was about to start drooling at certain points. All those macaroons...If they were real, that must have been the best set ever.) I thought I would post a few photos. Because even the stills are just so visually palatable...like, they actually make you feel like you just ate loads of really yummy cake. (Oh wait, I just did. And a few cookies, half a pot of pringles and my mum's chocolate refrigerator cake. Damn you, boredom-eating).



(google.com; imdb.com; sonypictures.com)


Luci Ana said...

I love the pictures so much, beautiful! :-*

Fashion wild said...

My favorite movie!