Sunday, 13 June 2010


Today is probably the worst day ever. It's all downhill after today. Today, if I survive, I will return home after a post-exam rowing sesh in the (probable) rain, eat loads of junk food and watch crap tv.

Physics, chemistry and 2 German papers. I mean, how could they be so mean?!

Aaanyway, while I was meant to be marking my past papers, I spent some time cursing the gods that Monki doesn't have any stores in the UK, or online. (Nearest ones are in Germany. I checked.) I mean, a shop that sells perfectly slouchy, minimalist basics for perfectly budget prices? Do they not realise the billions they would make if they went international?

Lots of rhetorical questions here, sorry. It was a long night.

Pretty collage instead. While I go and die in an exam hall.



Luci Ana said...

I Love the dress, shirts, short and blouses..amazing things. I hope your day would be better! Greetings, Luci :-*

jenna said...

GAHHH I KNOW!!! Damn you Monki, come to Australia or get that International shipping going. I'm desperate!

Margaret said...

obsessed with that sheer button down!!!
loving the blog
great posts!
stop by some time xx

supercalifragilisticespiallidocious said...

gawd you're right they COULD make billions !! and haha i pretended like i had loads of comments too when actually i dont :P

Sofia said...

They're opening their online store in September!! :D

Sofia said...

Yes, I sent them an email a few weeks ago asking about it and they told me that, I can't wait!! :D
And no, I dont take the pictures on my website, I wish!! hehehe
They're just pictures I find around the internet
Btw i love your blog :) really inspiring