Friday, 4 June 2010


I really need to work out how to make the photos on this bigger! If anyone knows how it would be great if they could tell me! For the moment, if you click on you can see a bigger version of the picture.

Anyway, Burberry resort: I'm thinking it's kind of similar to stuff from recent seasons-neutral tones, safari, minimalist (although I suppose with their heritage being the trench coat, Burberry is always going to have a fair amount of neutrals around)-but I like it anyway. The styling's great too. And the ruched detail on the dresses and tops is interesting-like those spaghetti strap tops you used to wear when you were 8, that looked tiny when you weren't wearing them but then stretched out like a concertina when you put them on. Well, that's what I imagine the Burberry dresses are like! I'm sure in reality it's a very complex work of extreme craftsmanship, which justifies the price tag of 3 or 4 more digits than your average 8-year-old vest top.

(Know what else is extreme? My photoshopping skills. I mean, come on. Look at that picture!).