Saturday, 12 June 2010


I have mixed feelings about the 'in-between' seasons (resort and pre-fall). To me it seems so utterly bizarre that we're having predictions for next spring's fashions when summer proper hasn't even arrived yet this year. (I don't think I'll ever get used to the way fashion is so far ahead of itself. If I think about it for long enough I get really confused and my head goes a bit funny, like when you have those really deep conversations with people about time and the universe and stuff. Occasionally I have these with my drum teacher (I swear I spend most of those lessons just talking and not actually learning anything) and once he said that if I didn't spend at least one whole night of my university life awake talking about that kind of stuff instead of sleeping, then I would be a very sad excuse for a student).

Ok, woah, lost my train of thought there yes, resort! Well regardless of the fact that it's weirdly ahead of itself, I'm generally quite a fan of resort clothing. I read on Fashionista that resort and pre-fall collections make up x% of a label's sales (and yes, that x is meant to be there, I can't actually remember the exact number offhand but it was large) which probably explains why most designers don't seem to feel constrained by these things called themes, whereby all the looks in their collection are vaguely related. Unless you count a collection full of wildly different dresses as themed, because all the looks are dresses. Which I don't. But anyway, the clothing is generally very nice, and although the whole 'lookbook-style' photography can get a bit boring it is also a bit of a relief not having to trawl through a gazillion photos on that's just for Chanel! LOL jk, we all love Karl and his massive shows. But you know, I have revision to do. And important stuff.

(Didja see the hilarious Facebook reference there? I know you love it really.)

And in the true spirit of procrastination I made all these collages myself so if for some reason unknown you want to use them (?) then it would be lovely if you mentioned that.

Anyway I seem to have written a lot but I can't be bothered to go back and edit it. Never fear, my highly intellectual summaries of the collections are all brief and to-the-point.

Boho, smart-summer dressing, cool boots.

Sheer, bit deconstructed, sporty, for the cool kids.

Crazy colours and patterns, trouser suits, Peter Pan hems.

Gorgeous red carpet dressing, as per usual.

NYC ladies who lunch, garden parties, Jackie O.

More garden parties, but for a younger girl.

Relaxed, neutrals, day-to-evening.

Lovelovelove. ;sldjf oi.

Pretty standard bandage dresses, bit of a new fringing thing going on.

Bohemian shapes, casual, loose.

LAYERING. YAY. Winter-y clothes mostly, but in a good way.

Pale, crisp, clean lines, flower paintings.

More loose/relaxed/casual stuff.

Oh hello. I love you so much.

Elf-princess dresses!


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Luci Ana said...

I love Alexander Wang & Vena Cava :-*