Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Yes, I can spell the word 'year', but in fact I am making a meaningful pop culture reference to this video, which has become a cult hit among English teenagers. I think you might have to be British to understand the full hilarity but still watch it anyway because I guarantee it is hilarious, and who can do without a bit of laughter in their lives?

Anyway, a selection of 'gap yah chic' ensembles. Are there people who hike up and down Peruvian mountains in six-inch stilettos? Maybe. Do we even care, if it means it produces a good editorial? No, not really. Some great photos in here-I just wish I could look this good with ratty hair and a canvas rucksack draped on my shoulder.

(tobaccoandleather.blogspot.com; fashiongonerogue.com; knighttcat.com; fashiongonerogue.com; fashionography.wordpress.com)


Luci Ana said...

I love those Pictures...they inspirates me very much :)

The Photodiarist said...

Great series. It is inspirational. Makes me want to get up and go to another country right now.

Anonymous said...

Great collection of photos, I loved the photoshoot in vogue on the Andes that the fourth one is from (there was ALOT of colour). Also I swear everyone has become self conscious if they talk about their 'gap yah' now, no-one takes it seriously anymore!
cheap kicks.