Friday, 4 June 2010


The watchwords for this season may be understated, nudes, minimalist etc., but there's always room for some colour and fun too, especially in the heat of summer. I stick to plainer shades myself, but seeing other people in brighter colours is one of the many little things that puts me in a summery mood.

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Luci Ana said...

Wonderful inspirations!

fashion clocked said...

Hey lovely- thanks for the comment! Such incredible images- i have a few of the same ones saved- you have brightened up my day thankyou!
fashion clocked

Mumbles said...

the first photo is so so pretty
it's so nice seeing people wearing bright colours in summer, that's one of the best things about it, no more grey or black until next winter


Parachute Pants said...

Great pics! I love colour x

La gamine said...

Yes I understand english (even if I learn nothing to school, my teacher is lame!), but it's already great that you understand french ;) How old are you? So you live in London, waow it's so cool! I went there for the first time three weeks ago, and it was so amazing!! But i was there just for two days so... :) I want to go there again, I liked it so much! :)

(Ps: how did you discover my blog?)