Thursday, 16 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I saw the latest instalment in the Harry Potter film franchise today...I was so excited and man was it good! All the actors were actually good for once (except the guy who plays Malfoy, who has been Oscar-winning good the whole way through and showed a range of emotional complexity in this film that actually got me thinking, for once, which is something I never thought I would take away from a Harry Potter film, entertaining as they are) and the balance between all the hilarious romantic antics in the first half (I always thought it was unrealistic that in a co-ed boarding school there was never any kissing going on in the background of shots. I loved the part near the end which showed a group of students in the cloisters all making out in the shadow of the night. Classic.) and the drama in the second half (I even welled up at Dumbledore's death. Again, something I never thought I would get from a H.P. film. Oh, wait, sorry, spoiler alert, attention attention yadda yadda. Like there's a living sould on this planet who doesn't know how the plot turns out. Except from my mum, of course, who came out of the cinema (yes, I did go to the cinema with my mum...and my two siblings...well the cinema's expensive, OK, and I'm constantly poor!) going 'oh isn't that a surprise, I must say I never thought J.K. Rowling would kill off one of the main characters...). The only criticism was that some plot details, like the horcruxes, weren't explained very clearly, but then again everyone seeing the film will have read the books...well almost...

Also, something which caught my eye-HOW ON TREND is Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall?! Loving the next-season shoulder pads! I almost wanted to whoop and shout 'work it, girl!' in the cinema, but then...I

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