Monday, 27 July 2009

Apologies+A Sighting!

Sorry for the unexplained lack of posts this past week, I've been away in Mallorca and only got back yesterday at midnight or so. Then at midday today we're heading off for a lovely British beach holiday in Suffolk. Yay. Unfortunately I will have no computer there either so you'll have to last another week with no posts. A downside of the summer I'm afraid.

A VERY exciting thing that happened yesterday on my flight back-I was sitting at the deserted gate, having got there early because I had no interest in browsing through duty free for the billionth time, when a tall skinny woman with white blonde hair and a lovely Chanel back walked up and sat down on an adjacent row of seats. I did a subtle double take, and yes, I was in fact sitting three metres away from Claudia Schiffer!! This reduced me and my family to complete star-struck giggling wrecks right through until we cleared customs and she cleared off. Ah well. I never pretended to be sophisticated.

Interestingly, despite her beauty and immense height, with her jeans and sunglasses she managed to look completely anonymous. I've always thought that wearing sunglasses is a stupid way to ward off unwanted attention but I might have to rethink that opinion.

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