Thursday, 9 July 2009

Couture Fall '09-Alexis Mabille

This collection had many faces-fresh young milkmaid one minute, foxy Parisian partygoer the next-but every look was so pretty. I know that's an adjective which is increasingly out of fashion, but I wanted to wear almost every item I saw. I had a hard job narrowing down my favourites to half of the collection, let alone ten photos. So often couture is beautiful but unwearable, but this collection was utterly desirable. I know that half the point of couture is that it's meant to be completely fantastical, and a part of me wondered why this show was much different from some of the RTW collections, but just by looking you can tell that these clothes are exquisitely made, which after all is the basis of couture clothing. I'm doing each show one by one, so I don't know how Alexis Mabille compares to the others yet, but I'm sure it will be right up there in my top three favourite couture collections for this season. Love, love, love it.

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