Monday, 13 July 2009

Eleanor Hardwick

I stumbled across this photographer in one of those long random internet blogging searches where you jump from blog to blog and then forget how you got there, which is always annoying if you want to return to one of the pages at a later date. Turns out she's only 15, which makes me feel totally jealous and inadequate for not having produced such atmospheric, haunting photos too. You can see more of her pictures here, but below is a selection of some of my favourites. I will definitely be following her in the future-her photos have a strange, ethereal quality a little like Tim Walker's, but there's an ominous, even menacing undertone in lots of them. I felt inspired this afternoon to do some photography of my own, but it totally failed when I realised I was really only interested in shooting people, and had no willing subjects to point the lens at. So I read Vogue instead. Anyway, here are some of Eleanor Hardwick's awesome photos.

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