Thursday, 9 July 2009

Couture Fall '09-Chanel

This collection didn't really strike me the first time, partly because many of the photos weren't up to's usual high quality-in some of them the model was caught at an awkward angle that didn't display the clothes at their best, and in a few of them the model was side on, not even posing stationary. THEN I realised that the photos were taken by 'Monica Feudi/' instead of Marcio Madeira who covers practically every runway show that has its pictures on the Vogue website. Aha. Mystery solved.

Anyway, I looked over it again and bookmarked the standout pieces, which there were obviously many of, Chanel being designed by Karl Lagerfeld and all-but in a 66 look collection I would have expected more WOW items than there were. I still struggled to get really swept away by the Chanel collection. It's got lots of positive responses from the fashion press but personally it just didn't jump out at me like Alexis Mabille did, although there were some really lovely dresses. I just feel that couture designers should stop branching out into random ordinary daywear and stick with stunning dresses, which is what couture originally was (apart from Alexis Mabille, who is now my new love. He can do whatever he wants.).

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