Friday, 10 July 2009

Covent Garden

Yesterday after school I went to Covent Garden with a few friends. I've never had an extensive wander there before and it was really nice-we had some lovely fresh gnocchi from one of the many stalls, and mingled with the tourists watching all the street performers. Sadly I had to dash off to training so I didn't have time to check out any of the shops on Floral Street, but it was still a fun little jaunt and a great start to the summer.

I found some of those really cool Rubikscube salt and pepper shakers that I blogged about! They were £11.99 so I didn't buy them, but at least I found a stockist :)

We watched these two street performers. The guy doing a handstand was in the middle of falling off the stacks of blocks-staged, of course, although it was still heart stopping-and catching himself just in time on the metal step. The man in the red catsuit was just a bit of a fail really-after a while it became embarassing, not funny, to watch his efforts.

I ended up taking loads of pictures of food. The fairy cakes especially were so pretty.

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