Monday, 13 December 2010


All the photos in this post are taken by double teams of photographers (right click on the photos and click save as to see individual photographers and sources in the file name-that's how I always do it, in case you were wondering. So much easier than writing them all out at the bottom)-Mert & Marcus etc. It's always slightly confused me how two people can take credit for one photo-at the end of the day, only one person presses the shutter to take the picture, right? Unless they do some ridiculously childish 'one, two, THREE!' and press their fingers down together on top of each, don't think so...although that is a slightly hilarious image, isn't it? (It's ok, you can ignore me, I'm just delirious from tiredness and literally counting the hours till school ends). But what do you think, is this just a Lennon/McCartney-style fight for credit/money? Or in some cases are two people really equally responsible for the composition and execution of a photo?



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Haha, a great image of 2 people simultaneously shooting a photo...they probably do that, I wouldn't be surprised.

As for the question of these stylized photos I think there's lots of people involved in the shot- makeup, model, shoot director, photographer, lighting, set decorator, etc but there is really only one person hitting the shutter button to capture that moment so I don't know how 2 people can receive TOP billing for it.

Lady Sophia's Lover said...

Oosti Koo Gas
Sayat Nova

Oosti koo gas, gharib blbool,
Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.
Doo vart ptre, yis gozalin.
Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

Whence are you coming, wandering nightingale?
You are crying, I will also cry.
You seek the rose, and I the beautiful one.
You are crying, I will also cry.

Ari blbool, khosi baren.
Okhnevi koo ekats’ saren.
Ki vartn erits’, indz im yaren.
Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

Come nightingale, tell me the word.
The mountain from which you came is blessed.
The rose burns you, my love burns me.
You are crying, I will also cry.

Man im gali didari hit,
Voonts’ gharib blbool khari hit.
Doo varti, yis yari hit.
Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

I am wandering with the picture,
Like the wandering nightingale with the insect.
You are with the rose, and I with my love.
You are crying, I will also cry.

Salbooi nman kananch im,
Ek, khosi, dzaynet chananch im,
Doo vart kanche, yis yar kanchim.
Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

I am green like the cypress,
Come, speak, I know your voice.
You call to the rose, I call to the beloved.
You are crying, I will also cry.

Gharib blbool, dzaynet maloom,
Yis oo doo ervink me haloom,
Sayat Noven asats’ zaloom,
Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

Wandering nightingale, your voice is miserable,
You and I are burning in the same way,
Sayat Nova said cruelly,
You are crying, I will also cry. you my beautiful friend!...I love Arménia!...

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn.