Saturday, 11 December 2010


The oldest of these have been fermenting in my 'to blog' folder for over a year-no joke, that is how skilled I am at procrastination. I was going to blog about the pre-fall 2011 collections, but my heart just sank when I opened I know that is not what a girl should feel when she looks at Chanel, but really, I already feel like my life is whizzing by too fast-why should I feel obligated to be constantly looking forward just so that I'll know a couple of months ahead of the rest of the Vogue-reading population that thigh-highs/neon knits/wimples will be in this time next year? To be honest, I don't follow trends massively anyway-I know what I like and what suits me, even if I can't afford any of it-so clicking mindlessly through online slideshows just because it's what everyone else is doing feels like a bit of a waste of time.

So! Instead, here are my long overdue photos of nice, oversized, cosy knits-perfect for this time of year, when you want to feel like you're wrapped up in a duvet even when you're out and about. My mum just bequeathed me her 3 Christmas jumpers, which are amazing, so maybe I'll take some photos of them later.



*sunday* said...

hello! thanks for the comment on my blog - yes i did take that photo..

nice blog btw! and i love oversized jumpers - last time i was in russia visiting family i stumbled on a great oversized jumper by Denis Simachev who is an up and coming russian designer - i wear it all the time!

Mumbles said...

Ahahah cozy sweaters or cardigans are the best thing to wear in winter
I love all those especially the second one starting from the end, it's gorgeous

♥ Marley

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

yes, photos of your new xmas sweaters!! Love these, I love when they're rainbowy bright.

Moe said...

thanks! :*