Sunday, 5 December 2010


I took these before the snow came and the sky shrugged on its cloak of clouds for a week straight. These winter afternoons are my favourite type of weather-the light stays the same from about 9 to 4 (it's so disorientating!) and is so clear and bright, yet never blinding. The cold offsets the sun, and the sun the cold, so that you're never too chilly, but nor are you ever too hot in your multiple layers. The frost makes patterns which you wouldn't believe were possible until you saw it. And the sky is so blue-not the washed-out blue of summer heatwaves, but an intense, deep blue reminiscent of the bottom of swimming pools. The world is so still it feels like it's holding its breath.

(own photos-please credit)


kirstyb said...

lovely pics xxx

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

frozen leaves are so pretty, you captured them perfectly.

Hanna C. said...

nice pictures!
love your writing style:)


alannah. said...

oh these photos are gorgeous well done! it looks like a lovely afternoon.x