Tuesday, 14 December 2010


This questionnaire was published in its full form on Fashionista (I deleted some questions because they were boring or I didn't know the things they were talking about). It's invented by the Mulleavy sisters, apaz, and is featured in the current issue of Lula (which I really really need to buy). If you want the most boring read of your life you could go through and read every single answer, for which I will give you a mental handclap and dance a metaphysical Irish jig to make you laugh. Or you could just skip around and find out random stuff which will change your life. Obvs.

Oh, and if you choose to fill it out yourself, link it in the comments so I can be nosy in return!

Favorite play?
That I've seen performed, probably Billy Elliot. Counting ones I've read, it's gotta be Romeo and Juliet. I'm a sucker for lurve.

What was your first love?
(Note the what). Probably mermaids, after seeing The Little Mermaid (a.k.a. best film ever) aged very young.

Favorite language?
English. Because I can speak it. Also, it has the largest number of words in common use-apparently English is the only language with a thesaurus.

Who is your most loved character in literature?
Impossible question. I'm quite a fan of Dumbledore...

Favorite room?

Favorite place to read a book?
Tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle and food.

Favorite color?
Depends in what context. For clothes, probably royal/navy blue, or grey. In general, the colour of sunsets.

Favorite painter/painting?
Turner. Because of his sunsets (see above).

Favorite thing to collect?

Favorite mystery?
What exactly happens att the end of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia.

Favorite flower?

Favorite sea creature?
Mermaids. Try telling me they don't exist, I was one for a number of years as a matter of fact.

Favorite smell?
The person you're attracted to. (That sounds a bit creepy...but you know how some people just smell really good generally? No? Well, do it doggy-style and sniff people out a bit more...)

If I gave you a medal right now, what would it be for?
Competing at Junior Worlds for rowing (this is my 2-year aim, and is why I spend so much time in lycra training).

Favorite texture?
Bubble wrap. Also popping it. (That made no grammatical sense).

Favorite flavour?
('FLAVOUR' HAS A 'U' IN IT YOU IGNORANT AMERICANS!!)(Oh my God, I just insulted the Rodarte sisters, I feel like I've sinned...) Vanilla or caramel.

What’s the first thing you think of when I say red?
Anger, Louboutins and love, sort of at the same time...

Night or day?

Favorite villain?
Second hardest question so far. Does Snape count as a villain? (And yes, I realise that both of the hardest questions have been answered with Harry Potter characters. That's how it should be).

C.S. Lewis or Freud?
C.S. Lewis, fo sho.

Tents or motels?
Tents. You don't get motels in the Namib desert...

Favorite musical instrument?
Voice...does that count?

Thunder or lightning?

Monday or Friday?

February or December?

Christmas or Halloween?

J.D. Salinger or Jack Kerouac?
Jack Kerouac. I am in fact doing my IB Extended Essay on him and Cormac McCarthy. It's gonna taste be great!

Julie Christie or Vanessa Redgrave?
Vanessa Redgrave

Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor?
Marilyn Monroe

Rain or sun?
Sun. What kind of depressing person likes rain?

Spiderman or Superman?
Now if Batman had been in there, this would be an easy question. (CHRISTIAN BALE I LOVE YOU) Sorry, what? Er yes, probs Spiderman...

Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Cats are so condescending and evil, you know they only stay with you because you feed them, and they scratch you for no reason at all and moult all over your clothes. Dogs just love you unconditionally and are cheerful the whole time.

Ice cream or sorbet?
Lemon sorbet, mmmm.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Beatles. I could go on a massive rant about how The Beatles are the most innovative popular musicians of the twentieth century...or you could just nod along at how amazing they are.

Favorite sidekick?
Watson (as in Sherlock Holmes). He's like a constant third wheel between the Great Man and his intelligence.

What are the initials of the last person you kissed?
R.A.B. ...no, I joke, sadly my life isn't actually Harry Potter. R.H., if you must know.

What characteristics do you most envy in others?
Confidence and seemingly effortless charisma.

If you could fly, where is the first place you would go?
A nice warm beach popped into my head.

Have you ever won a medal or a prize–if so, what?
Various rowing ones.

Favorite season?
SUMMER! (See my 173856 summer-themed editorial posts).

Favorite currency?
Pound sterling. Down with the Euro! (Even if it means Europe's whole economy collapses...whoops...)

Favorite city?
Gotta be London-I don't think I know NYC well enough to call it my favourite.

Favorite imaginary place?
Would say Hogwarts...but it's real people. Probably Narnia, in that case.

Favorite children’s book?
Hardest question of all! I spent my childhood reading so I actually can't say.

Favorite candy?
Mint imperials (Tesco's are the best) or M&S's fruit sherberts.


us of a said...

you are the ignorant for stereotyping and generalizing Americans as ignorants. and nope.. colooooor , flavoooor etc is well accepted as how you British write it.
ok end rant :)

Just Another Londoner said...

I was referring only to the lack of 'u's in many American spellings, nothing more. (I actually checked, full of sudden doubt as to English spelling, but the Oxford English Dictionary spells it with a 'u', and has a (US color) note underneath!).