Friday, 17 December 2010


ZOMG. Look what popped into my unsuspecting inbox this beautifully snowy Friday afternoon! Yes, you did read it correctly. Carine Roitfeld is resigning. ( Et oui, I did link that twice, in case you were too lazy to click on the link the first time).

Er, woah. Can we just stop right there? And focus on the fact that when I read this my jaw genuinely did drop?[I make weird gaping actions at the computer screen in an attempt to convey my brain-damaged-style facial expressions (hey, brain damaged is all the rage since Nathan got internally strangled by cheese on Misfits last night) before realising that oh, that's right, you can't see my through your computer screen...I hope] really ugly versions of these:

But seriously. This news surprises me. Everyone always harps on about Anna Wintour resigning, not Carine. OH MY GOD. A fiendish thought just occured to me: Perhaps Carine has resigned so that Anna can then be fired and Carine can take Anna's place...(We're so tight we're on first name terms now, obvs. Lusm bbzs.)...Only I'm not sure why such an elaborate plan would be necessary...

But soft, who are we to second-guess the minor gods who are the Conde Nast senior management? Suppose us mere mortals will just have to wait and see. Even though I have the patience of a small child and will be reduced to a nervous wreck this time next year when waiting for University offers...Imma be that caffeine-fuelled freak who sits rocking in the corner of the Sixth Form common room, occasionally emerging from her foetal position to check, yet again, her UCAS form update, which has taken Google's place as homepage on her BB internet. (Even though I don't have a BB, and I stay away from coffee like it's poison, because I know I would only plummet into a spiral of exponentially-worsening addiction from the very first sip). Happy images for a happy season, kidz.



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

hilarous and great picture. seriously, write a book.

Bex said...

I know crazy surprise about Carine! I don't know how well she'll do at US Vogue, she far to avant garde I think. And I was definetely one of those girls who nuerotically checked their UCAS homepage every five minutes. It's a fun time /sarcasm.