Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Got January's Vogue today, which was no worse than usual, except for the ridiculous amount of in-your-face silk blouses. Seriously, it's like they decided to kick-start the shirt economy all by themselves or something. So of course I then went onto Monki, as that is hands down the best online, cheap site for amazing blouses, and now I'm really frustrated at the total lack of nice clothes on the British high street, and the mahussive superiority of Scandinavian (i.e. Monki) shops. No joke, I just sent an email to info@monki or whatever the address is, asking them how I can get their clothes from England. If you live in England, you should do the same. Bringing Monki to our island shores one blogger at a time!

(Actually, you should email them regardless of your location. Citizens of the world unite, lalala. Also, you'd be doing a philanthropic action for British people in general, and would save me from late night sobbing over my computer keyboard. And other depression-causing actions like that. Just saying, you know. If you want a clear conscience...)



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Amen, I love them so damn much. Why does Scandinavia have everything affordable?! Jealous.

Esther said...

hah i get pretty pissed at magazines when they do such 'lazy' stuff too. sometimes i wished they would feature more unconventional stuff! but i guess that's the reason why they're vogue

Heels lover said...

Amazing set, i love all of those pieces!

♥ kisses ♥


Sofia said...

I love monki too! I live in London, and I sent them an email asking about their online store last year and they told me it was going to happen last summer. Nothing happened so I asked again recently and they told me it's actually going to open in March 2011, so let's cross our fingers!
I got my monki magazine delivered for free in the mail last week! You can sign up for it online

Kate said...

I love all the clothes!

Zabrinah said...

I love those shoes. I need a good pair!

I wonder if I could pull of the transparent, see-through tops?! Of course, with a tank top of some sort underneath though.

You did a really great job on this post.


Best wishes,


Just Another Londoner said...

Sofia-when I click on your blog it just goes onto an advertising page! Do you know why?

Sofia said...

Hey... yeah, the domain expired.. I don't think I'll renew it though..
I have a tumblr (pastafrola, too) but it's not for fashion, I might start a fashion blog on tumblr again soon maybe! I dont know!