Friday, 8 January 2010


Been collecting these for a while. They make me want to learn to drive and rent a car and drive all the way across America. You know, arriving late in those empty midwest towns with the tumbleweed blowing across the road in front of the old motel with the flickering neon sign. And driving with the windows open along a flyover with the sun blazing and the city around you reflecting back the sun from a million windows.

Or even just exploring England in a crappy little Ford with a blanket over the back seat and chocolate wrappers everywhere. I know everyone always goes on about our tiny island getting overcrowded (which is true), but in the sun I think the English countryside is the most beautiful thing in the world. There are still country villages out there with a duckpond and a post office and old timbered houses and a church with an overgrown graveyard. It's just that finding them is trickier than it used to be.


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