Saturday, 16 January 2010


I've been looking for a new bag for aages-the only one I had was quite a small one that was nice enough but was definitely in need of a replacement. I looked at Topshop and the other usual haunts but couldn't find one I really liked. Then we got a donation of clothes and bags from a friend's old au pair who had been new-year-cleaning her closet (still not sure how we ended up getting them, but anyway I'm not complaining!!) and this bag was included. I had to fight my sister for it (eventually her kinder nature allowed me to walk off with it-I feel no guilt; all may be fair in love and war, but not in fashion!) so now I have a nice new bag! I don't know why the au pair was giving it away, there's nothing at all wrong with it...I think...Reminds me of Marc Jacobs, very nice.

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