Friday, 8 January 2010


Some very Jak and Jil-esque shots here!

It's weird, but until recently I was never very interested in shoes-possibly I was mentally scarred by all the shoe shopping trips with my mum where she insisted that I had to get the ugliest, clumpiest shoes Clarks has ever made, while I preferred pumps which would not completely ruin any self-respect I had. Luckily those trips are over now that my feet have basically stopped growing, and my last pair will hopefully last me through to the next academic year when I can wear my own clothes to school.

School shoes apart, though, I don't really own that many other casual pairs-I have my amazing ankle boots which I bought before going to New York (I walked round the WHOLE of Westfield before returning to the first shop I saw-I hate buying something and then realising too late that you missed out on a better deal), some plimsoles, flip-flops and one pair of heels which I don't get that many chances to wear. (Obviously I've got the trainers, wellies etc but who counts them).

And recently I've been wondering when I can start wearing day heels. Because increasingly, both through reading other blogs and magazines, and through looking on the street, I've started to take more notice of people's shoes and wonder where I can get nice pairs myself. I'm no great stiletto walker, but those infamous Acne wedges look soo nice and soo comfy and I'd ask for a pair as a present like a shot, if I knew I would actually have the courage to wear them. But no-one in London my age wears heels in the day, so I'm trying to work out at which age it becomes acceptable to do so. Ideas?


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