Sunday, 31 January 2010


You know how sometimes you see a photo or an outfit and it immediately reminds you of something? Well, I'm not exactly a fashion encyclopaedia, but as soon as I saw this look from the Chanel couture show I was reminded of CDG's A/W '09 collection (the look shown is the one most similar to the Chanel one). Not that I'm suggesting dear Karl has begun plagiarising other designers' looks or anything, it's just something that caught my attention.

(For serious fashion plagiarism, take a look here. Craazy stuff. And watch this week's Project Runway, where they had to design something inspired by another's team's look. Classic Tim Gunn quote-'You're designers, not plagiarists...hmsomethingsomethingIcan'tremember'. Just wondering, is 'plagiarists' even a word?!)


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