Friday, 8 January 2010


I find it hard to take all these high-fashion headbands seriously. Back in year eight, when the craze was for American Apparel high-waisted skirts and metallic hairbands, everyone would wander around with theirs worn American-Indian-style across their forehead, with a side fringe flopping over it that completely defied the point of the headband (surely they're meant to restrain hair? Or maybe I'm hopelessly old-fashioned in my views...). Bunny ears and Blair Waldorf Alice-in-Wonderland-esque follow suit as being a) too dressing-up box/downright kerazy (the former) and b) waay too 'preppy goody-two-shoes' (the latter). However-I'm quite liking this fierce new version seen first at Givenchy (and based on the statue of liberty, I SWEAR)-it's kind of like 'yes I am wearing a headband but I am seriously hardcore and therefore if you mock me for wearing what is overwhelmingly a child's accessory then I will hurt you with these studs'.

Although, I got Vogue the other day, and the big news for spring is 'pretty-studs are overr'. Talk about missing the boat.


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