Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Wise Words from Beth

"England honestly has better taste than America. I think it always has and it always will...Europeans are quicker to pick up on something and give it a chance. Cool is really important to them; when they say something's cool, they're gonna mean it. And people in England just look fucking amazing all the time, more than anywhere else."
-Beth Ditto for Nylon, August 2009

Damn straight, Beth Ditto! I have to say, I'm not the biggest fan of you/your band (that wasn't meant in a sarcastic way, I'm just generally rather apathetic about The Gossip) but to hear an American admitting that America isn't the best at everything, and also that England-note England, not Britain: Scotland is an entirely different country with far less fashion sense and innate coolness, and as for the Welsh...well I doubt they would recognise Vogue if its big-ass September Issue hit them straight in the nose-is...that kind of made my day. Yay :)

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