Sunday, 30 August 2009


Yesterday was rather a field day for me vis a vis glossy fashion tomes. First of all my father came back from a business trip, on which he'd flown Swiss Air and had thoughtfully brought back copies of German Vogue (August and September issues) and German Elle (September issue), supposedly for me to 'practise my German in a fun way' (yeah, right. Pictures can be appreciated in any language). So I flicked through them, rather shocked at the amount of breastiness appearing in German Vogue just for the sake of it, and then popped off to the high street to buy this month's Harper's Bazaar before it vanished from the shelves completely (in passing, I'm actually rather a fan of the special plus-size magazine-for some reason when I got my March issue it was the ordinary, glossy size so I've never experienced the large, non-glossy version before. It's quite cool, though, and when I eventually get round to dissecting it with my scissors it will look more interesting juxtapositioned with all my other wall art than if it was just the same ordinary size as the rest of 'em).

So, to cut to the chase, I am now faced with severe monetary problems for the upcoming month because not only will I be back to school, therefore back in contact with all my friends, therefore back to my normal social life which involved frequent visits to the cinema, but I have also, for the first time, plumbed the full depths of W H Smith's magazine shelves, and now I am in deep trouble.

To illustrate my point-next month, after much internal grappling, I will have to choose between buying copies of the following:
1. Harper's Bazaar-October
2. Elle UK-October
3. i-D-which seems to have multiple issues on the shelves at once-this is very confusing but can easily be rectified by buying them both
4. Nylon-September
5. American Vogue-September
6. American Harper's Bazaar-September
7. Dazed and Confused-October
8. Tatler-October
9. Vanity Fair-October (I'm still trying to decide whether I should rush out and buy the September issue before the end of the month)
10. American Elle-September

THIS IS NOT EVEN FAIR WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GOOD MAGAZINES IN THE WORLD?! Not helped by the fact that American magazines reach England a month late so my September spree is spread over 2 months. Sadly Smiths doesn't sell French Vogue, which I seriously need to start getting my hands on each month too-in fact, maybe that should be luckily Smiths doesn't sell French Vogue, otherwise I would be even more out of pocket than I will doubtless be in a month's time. Thank God I have a subscription to British Vogue, otherwise I would be a wreck, crouched in a ball in a corner fingering my last pound and muttering in a broken voice, "Not enough money. Not enough money."

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