Saturday, 8 August 2009


Had a 'day out with dad' yesterday-I had lunch at him near his office, and then went to see 'The Ugly Truth', which turned out to be rather awkward. In between I went to the Oxford Street Topshop while he finished off his work.

I must admit-I've always found that particular branch of Topshop a bit overwhelming. You go in looking for a skirt and come out dazed, blinking like a mole in the sudden sunlight, eyes blurred from all the thousands of items of clothing that have passed before them. However yesterday, with nothing to do except browse, I discovered that this is one of those rare shops where, if you just wander at random through the store, you're more likely to unearth the best pieces than miss them. Within three minutes I was struggling to carry five hangers at once, and when I got to the fitting rooms I found, to my horror, that I was holding 12 items-double the maximum amount. I had to try my clothes on in two shifts, and then felt really embarassed when I didn't want to keep any of it (I don't have enough spare money to be splurging it on clothes). I did my usual trick of keeping a few items and then shoving them onto the first rack I came across which was out of the changing room assistant's eye.

Unfortunately the dim light in the fitting rooms rendered half of my photos too blurry for posting, but the vaguely clear ones are below. I tried on that skirt from my dream wardrobe a few posts down-it was lovely, and hopefully if I can persuade my mum to take me on an A/W shopping trip I will end up with it in my wardrobe. (I realised the other day that I have never been on a shopping expedition where I've ended up walking down the road with six shopping bags in my hands, each from a different shop and each full of exciting new season clothes. This is a complete travesty and I intend to rectify the problem as soon as I can persuade my mum that I've mysteriously grown over the holidays and no longer fit any of my clothes).

It's a bit unclear in the photo but this top is actually sequiny. The extra weight makes it feel really nice when you wear it, and also quite cool.

Sorry for the bra flashing...I forgot to bring a vest in to try on with the skirts.

There were dozens of clothes with padded shoulders/embellishments, a la Balmain

The skirt! And a pretty sequin jacket which I managed to rip a few sequins off...whoops!
An absolutely gorgeous fringed dress and Sienna Miller-esque furry gilet. I swear Topshop is a stylist's mecca. If I was forced to wear clothes from there exclusively for the rest of my life I would be happy.

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