Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

My week in Aldeburgh was very different from my week in Mallorca in many ways. The main one was, of course, the weather (I wore trackies ALL WEEK, except for one day when I wore jeans)-it only rained badly once or twice, but it was definitely more than a few degrees colder! However I found that leaving Aldeburgh was much more of a wrench than leaving the warmth and sun of the Balearics-I had an incredibly fun, social week, just how summers are meant to be (yes, drinking on the beach at night and everything) and it was horrible having to leave just as the bulk of people were starting to arrive. Still, I'm treasuring what I had-there are plenty of experiences for me to look back on, and most of them good! (The one bad thing was that on the last night I got completely and utterly wasted, for the first time ever, and tales of what I did are still making me blush when I revisit them in my thoughts. Ah well-now know I for next time!).

The building in the photos is called the Martello Tower and has been restored by a company called the Landmark Trust for people to stay in. Although it was over a kilometre out from the town along the beach, it was a great place to live for a week-certainly unique!

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