Friday, 7 August 2009

Taylor Momsen-Fug or Fab?

As always in the holidays I have started watching trashy tv online, including a total recap of all Gossip Girl episodes ever released. Watching the first episodes from Season One I was struck by how different Taylor Momsen looks from all the paparazzi photos currently being released from filming of the third season. Personally I think her look right at the beginning was just a bit girl-next-door for comfort, but once she started wearing a bit more eyeliner and curling her hair I think she looked really stunning. The only problem was, she forgot to stop with the eyeliner and hair-curling and ended up as shown at the bottom. Her nice Upper-East-Side clothes also went totally biker girl/emo, which personally I find a little unattractive. But what are other people's opinions?

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