Tuesday, 6 July 2010


OH MY GOD guess how much packing I've done today?! Oh yeah...none. Woops, my bad...I just had this random urge to read some poetry (reading back over that sentence makes me sound like the biggest neek on the planet, but I can't think of a cool way to put it), just caj, as one does, and that kind of took up the whole morning because there are a lot of good anthologies in our house. And then I went rowing, came back for about 5 seconds before piano, and realised I should post now because after piano I'm rowing again and then going out for dinner with family friends. (Don't worry, I will find time to wash at some point, I'm not that unhygienic...)

Sun seems to have disappeared for a sojourn elsewhere in Europe, but I'm sure it'll be back...In the meantime, more of those lovely summer photos for you to browse.

(mode.feber.se; fashiongonerogue.com; tobaccoandleather.blogspot.com; fashiongonerogue.com; thefashionspot.com; inafractionofasecond.blogspot.com; fashiongonerogue.com)


Luci Ana said...

inspiration pur!

Eat, Sleep, Denim said...

These pictures are great and so scream summer!
Eat, Sleep, Denim <3