Monday, 5 July 2010


Today I started my packing. It's shaping up to be the biggest tactical operation since...ok, I don't know enough about recent history to namecheck a significantly complicated tactical battle, but basically, it's pretty epic. I have different piles on my bedroom floor for different categories, and each category has a piece of paper with what I've packed/still need to pack, and I've cross-referenced for stuff which applies to multiple categories (e.g. tank tops go in both 'casual clothes' and 'rowing kit')...Basically, I have teenage girl OCD, which should probably be a proper medical condition, and enjoy organising stuff in this manner which isn't actually important. Oh, and I had a bikini wax today, paid for by my dear mutti, which compared to injections was a walk in the park, complete with multicoloured flowers and butterflies fluttering past in the breeze. (I HATE injections. I cry in them every time, it's so embarrassing).

All this useless information is a pointless preamble to the fact that today I shall be sharing lots of pink things with you! Hooray! The fact of the matter is, all girls love pink once they grow past the stage (which not everyone goes through anyway) of actively disliking it because it's such a stereotypical 'girly' colour. Enjoyy.

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Luci Ana said...

Full of Inspiration. Great post!

Jess said...

love the tree on the wall, very cool! and i really like the dress in vlada's editorial.

Lex said...

Beautiful Pictures, I love all of the pink.

Mumbles said...

I love those pictures
they're awesome
love abbey, those macarons, those flowers and striped tee + pink fluo clutch
nice blog by the way