Sunday, 25 July 2010


I've got no idea who this new couturier is. Sadly I don't have time for my usual langorous internet searches, as the sun is beckoning from yonder window, but if anyone else has any knowledge please share it. Because, I don't know, it seems sort of like she's rocked up at the couture shows not knowing what couture is. Hypocritical much? Doubtless-I barely know one end of a needle from another. But to my mind, despite the recent return to minimalism etc., couture is meant to be a bit more than beautifully cut shift dresses or trouser suits. For the money couture costs, I'd expect a bit more bang for my buck than Jarrar is offering in this collection. Not that the shift dresses and trouser suits she presents aren't beautifully impeccable and aesthetically pleasing-it's just they seem more suited to RTW, no matter how many hours of painstaking handcrafting have gone into them.

(This dress is lovely though. But I would think that-it's floor length.)


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Luci Ana said...

The second dress is so gorgeous!