Sunday, 25 July 2010


I know the couture shows are ancient history to those of you who've been blessed with the internet over the past 3 weeks, but I've only just begun looking at the latest collections. Couture holds something of a fascination with me-as I'm sure it does with anyone who's interested in fashion. I even did a presentation about couture once at school, after going to a great exhibition at the V&A (one of London's best museums) about the so-called 'golden age' of couture-after the war, when Dior designed the New Look.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is, much as I am a simple dresser, there is nothing I like more in the whole fashion world than proper, floor-sweeping gowns-and so couture fulfills my greatest desires. (That sounds a bit kinky...I have only the purest intentions, I assure you!).

Anyway, Alexis Mabille. The two things I love most about this collection?

1. The long, sinuous, slinky shapes of the floor-length skirts. They're mermaid-like, and I had a 5-year obsession with mermaids after seeing 'The Little Mermaid' for the first time. Therefore, I like these skirts a lot.

2. The length of the trousers in photos 4 and 5. They scream Audrey Hepburn, Parisian chic, sophistication. Or rather, they whisper it subtly-trousers this beautiful would never do anything as vulgar as screaming.



Luci Ana said...

Gorgeous collection. It looks awesome!

Fernanda dauphine said...

wow I love the details the colors and the shapes!!.. specially the details

I gave you an award!