Tuesday, 27 July 2010

--BFFS 4 LYF--

For those of you who are perhaps a little slow in the mornings, please note the sarcastic title. Right, embarrassment averted.

But anyway, what I meant to say was, I love backstage photos. Partly because you get to see that models are actually real people; they interact and have friends. (Does that sound a little harsh? Well, on the runway a lot of them look like they're about to kill someone-fair enough, I doubt I would be a bundle of sunshine if I had to walk down a massive sheet of plastic wearing 6 inch heels-so perhaps not). But it's also because you get a tiny sense of what it would be like backstage at a couture show (free food anyone?) which, as we've discussed previously, is one of my little daydreams. Mmmm...

I loved the hair/make up at Chanel. I need to get me some red lipstick pronto.

This photo genuinely made me lol. And I don't use that term in jest. Feels kind of sacreligious to laugh at anything related to Chanel, but...c'mon, it's a happy snap, no?


hiven said...


Luci Ana said...

very inspiring photos. And I love the hair and makeup, too! The red Lipstick is so gorgeous and I really want it. I never use lipstick. But that's one wish of mine. It looks awesome :)

Ohlala Tres Belle said...

how I love those models. especially abbey lee.
and that shirt I got is from forever 21. I'm not sure whether you have one in london but it was much cheaper there. :)
if i find it online i'll for sure send you the link!

Rianna Bethany said...

Beautiful happy snaps of the girlies
Rianna xxx

Sherrie Cola said...

Backstage photos are great, I think you start to see the 'real' side of the models

Mila said...

Oh wow they`re all so beautiful!

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