Thursday, 16 April 2009

Le Maquillage

Having washed my make-up brush yesterday for the first time in...well, a while, I decided that maybe God should have added an extra Commandment to His list of ten:

"Thou shalt wash thy make-up brushes often and well."

I don't slather my face with make-up every morning, but I almost always apply some form of light foundation/powder on school days, and ususally bronzer as well when I go out on the weekends. Not much, but enough to take its toll on my brush, as I found out yesterday.

I was slightly disconcerted when the water from the tap turned grey after I merely shoved the brush under the flow. When I applied a dab of shampoo (tea tree for sensitive hair, may I add-only the best for my brushes!), lathered it in and then rinsed it, the water that came out was positively mud-coloured. Oh dear, I thought to myself, my poor skin!! When, after four more rounds with the shampoo, the water was coming out clear, I could finally stop and dry the brush-but my head was still spinning. I'd always associated the 'wash your brushes every week' commands with neurotic fashionistas who only opened doors if they were appropriately armed with disinfectant and/or vacuum-sealed hand protection. In fact it seems they have a point. Another thing to add to my diary, I think!

On the up-side, I read in one of the Sunday newspaper supplements last weekend that make-up can actually be good for your skin in the summer-an even layer of foundation can apparently do as much for blocking the sun as a SPF 15 sunscreen! Much more preferable to going out with a greasy face. By-the-by, if anyone has a good grease-free sunscreen I would love to hear about it-the summer holidays usually play havoc with my already-oily skin!

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