Thursday, 23 April 2009

Back in the Jug Again

And so the slog begins...yes, I'm talking about school. Been back for two days so far, and already at 8:47pm I can hardly keep my eyes open. Time for an early night, I think-once I've finished watching 'The Apprentice-You're Fired' on iPlayer. Like a child I need my nine hours sleep, or I won't be able to function the next day, so staying up till 10:30 watching TV was unacceptable. I'll keep quiet about the fact that I stayed up till 11pm reading one of the Private books (teen series about a prestigious Eastern American private co-ed boarding school, where the scandal runs not just to drugs and sex, but murder and kidnapping...niice. Plus, I found my literary soul mate when, at one point, the girls in the dorm are watching 'Batman Begins' and pausing at all the hot Christian Bale moments. Which I can tell you, having done exactly the same thing myself, is basically every time he comes on screen. Mmmm...I LOVE HIM!! I don't care if he flips out at DPs/beats his wife/is a psycho axe murderer-he is GORGEOUS.)

Anyway going slightly off the topic here. Not that this post really had a topic in the first place. I'm too tired to sit down and write meaningful passages about the coming of spring etc etc. I just thought I should explain about the forthcoming lack of posts-it's because I'm now back in the rat race of school/rowing/music/homework/trying to keep up with Gossip Girl and all the blogs I'm now addicted to thanks to Vogue's latest article about their favourite fashion blogs. Thanks, Vogue. Way to give me insomnia. Maybe I should send them my doctor's bill when I fall asleep while doing something dangerous like operating a saw, and cut my hand off?

Could work...

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