Monday, 20 April 2009

Happy Snaps

Having (almost) finished posting all my New York pictures on Facebook (the sunny weather has hindered my progress somewhat) I've finally come up with my favourites. I admit freely that they have been shamelessly edited, but now that my dad had taught me to use his 20-year-old SLR (imagine that-me snapping away with a camera older than me-how weird!) perhaps I'll learn how to achieve pictures like these without any post-picture editing at all. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these 'final favourites' (the inverted commas are there because, really, there's nothing final about a group of over 20 photos).

This is what southern Manhattan looked like from Ellis Island on the day we visitied. Typically, the two blindingly sunny days were the days when we spent most of the time inside.

This is another of my overall favourites. Technically it's of New Jersey (boo hiss) but it was taken from New York so I think it deserves inclusion.

One of the things I loved about New York were the old metal fire escapes that zig-zag all over the apartment buildings.

Rather annoyingly these photos are in a rather strange order (I'm still trying to work out how this whole blog website works). This is my last view of Manhattan from the Triborough Bridge (I think...)

I found it rather funny that below every 'Don't Honk' sign you were guaranteed to find a yellow taxi honking irately at something or other.

I took a few pictures of these sweet old ladies who had braved the icy wind to eat their snack outside. I hope they didn't mind.

This is possibly my favourite photo from the whole trip. I love how the trees are so soft and gauzy in the foreground, and the mix between old and new.

I do in fact have over 300 photos from the trip, but these are most of my personal favourites (I'm sure I've missed some out, but I certainly tried to include them all!)

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