Sunday, 26 April 2009

Camera Desperation

OK, now that summer's a-coming in I am in DESPERATE need of a camera. I KEEP seeing things I want to take photos of, and then realising...wait, my disgusting little digital camera's been broken since before Christmas and I have no means of capturing this scene except with my 1.3 megapixel phone camera which literally makes a picture full of coloured squares. AARGH, so annoying! I was cycling to rowing this morning in the perpetual sunlight and I came to an area of the towpath that was like a green tunnel: the trees were growing so close together overhead that they were touching, and all the nettles and bushes on each side were over a metre high. The road was basically blotted out by all this greenery, which smelt and looked so fantastic that I wanted to dive into it (although of course I didn't, not wanting to look like a total psycho). I had forgotten just how great summer is. I mean, really:

1. It's summer. So it's warm, sunny and altogether happy-making.
2. All your nice clothes can actually be displayed to people instead of being buried under lumpy jumpers and black winter coats. Plus there's no need to go out carrying armfuls of extra layers in case of a sudden cold snap.
3. Shopping is so much easier because all you have to take off in the fitting rooms is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Plus shopping is so much more fun, because summer clothes are as a rule nicer than winter clothes.
4. The summer holidays-2 months of freedom from school, homework, stress, having to get up early, uncomfortable/unflattering school uniforms...
5. Summer food-ice cream, strawberries, rasberries, lemonade, cucumber sandwiches (OK, so I might be guilty of a little wishful thinking...)
6. No more milk-bottle legs-whether it's from the sun or from a bottle, your legs will definitely be white no longer. Well, apart from people like me, who even when they lather on layers of self-tan still have disgustingly blotchy skin which doesn't go brown but merely turns a darker shade of blotch. Ew. On the upside, my arms tan well. Kind of.
7. Summer skin-which in my case is much more spot-free than in winter. Plus the sun's so much more flattering than a winter gloom, so all that's needed is a touch of foundation/bronzer, maybe a bit of waterproof mascara and you're on your way!
8. Summer cinema-if the unthinkable happens and the sun is absent for a couple of days (but of course that would never happen in England...) there's always a million great films to see. I'm looking forward to the next Harry Potter instalment, Angels and Demons (I never actually saw the Da Vinci Code, but the book of Angels and Demons is really quite good so hopefully the film will be too), Julie & Julia, and best of all, TWO Christian Bale films, The Terminator: Salvation and Public Enemies. How I'll survive without my heart pumping itself to a standstill I don't know!
9. Summer romance-well, so far this has been a bit of a non-starter, but 15 seems like it could be a good year with not one, but 2 British beach holidays at resorts notorious for their public-school antics.
10. The beach-only weirdos go to the beach in the winter. Actually, I guess that makes me a weirdo because we went to the beach while on holiday in Devon in October. But we only went for a walk on it, we didn't actually sunbathe or anything! The summer heralds the arrival of the proper beach holiday-sun, surf, sand, and hopefully a few good-looking beach boys as well!

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