Saturday, 26 December 2009

Jack Wills Christmas Term Handbook by Eleanor Hardwick

So it happens that, for my sins, I receive the Jack Wills handbook (their posh name for catalogue) every term (their posh name for season)-they do really nice trackies, ok?!-more for the photos at the front for anything else. The christmas photos seemed to have a great new direction-instead of the whole preppy sloaney thing the styling was a bit punked up, but in a good way (although sadly the boys were not quite up to scratch...casting needs a bit more attention I feel or where am I going to get my wall candy from?). I only found out today that the photos are by Eleanor Hardwick, who I blogged about a while back. Since I last visited her sight she's got a few solo exhibitions under her belt and has shot a few ad campaigns for various fashion brands; a visit to her site is well worth the time. I hope her success will continue because I think she has such great potential to be a really interesting fashion photographer.

Actually the reason I originally decided to write about the photos was because the above reminded me so much of a Tim Walker shot. At first I got really excited and thought it was the same tree painted on the wall, but Still, I'm likin' the linkin' (did I really just write that? Evidently. Well who cares, IT'S CHRISTMAS. My excuse for everything).



Yazmin said...

It looks like the inspiration has come from Skins, what do you think? It looks more college/boarding school than University kids, but i still like it a lot. Great post I really like your blog xxx

Just Another Londoner said...

It's funny that they had such a new direction this season, because previously their photos have been more university-style. However Jack Wills has recently launched a more expensive, mature sister brand, Aubin and Wills (, so maybe that's the reason for the new look?

Anonymous said...

i love jack wills. :)
what did you type in on google to find these pictures?xx

Just Another Londoner said...

i think just jack wills christmas term! although you can always see the photos from the current handbook at their website.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you.

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