Saturday, 26 December 2009


I've been wearing these non-stop all holiday.

The bracelet is from our old au pair in South Africa (it has rhino, lion, elephant and leopard head charms).

The necklace is from this really cool shop we found in Palma (Mallorca)-on the ground floor it's full of tubs of shells, coral, stones and hundreds of other natural home ornaments; then in the basement it's got three walls of trays two feet deep divided into little squares, and each of those little squares has different beads or necklace charms or rings or whatever. The walls are hung with bare chains or leather strings, and you can mix and match to create your own jewellery (they also have loads of ready-to-buy necklaces and bracelets too). It's awesome. Unfortunately I don't know its name, or how to get their either-we stumbled across it by chance.

The ring is from Accessorize and is sadly a little out of shape because it came with one of those sticky tags around the circle bit and I couldn't unpick it with my bitten nails, so I was pulling and tugging and then realised the perfect circle had been stretched into an oval instead...smooth still fits my fat fingers though!

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