Thursday, 11 February 2010


I remember there was a craze about 2 years ago when everyone was buying those Ray-Ban knock-offs from Topshop or Primark, and the coolest kids were opting for the red-plastic-heart-shaped frames instead. Now, for some reason unknown, something about the shape of my face means that finding even an average pair of sunnies is a challenge; pulling these babies off is a laughable idea. But to me they speak so much of youth, freedom and summer that I feel robbed by the fact that I am unable to wear them without looking like an idiot. Instead I can merely gaze at photos of people with better bone structure wearing them, and looking fiine (first picture especially. That is me on my post-A-level holiday round Europe...well, in my head. It would totally be feasible as well, apart from the fact that I am self-conscious about my waist and so would never wear a high-waisted skirt with a stomach-bearing bandeau top. And the whole aforementioned problem about looking like an idiot in most sunglasses. But apart from that, it's all lookin' good!).


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