Friday, 5 February 2010


To double, or not to double-that is the question which has been sitting in my mind over the past few weeks as I attempt to sculpt a vaguely on-trend wardrobe from my sorry collection of winter jumpers with the odd pair of beach shorts thrown in. Scarred by the memory of a set of jeans (bootleg cut, naturally) and jacket, both in a dark wash and with some gross plaiting on the hems, my instinctive reaction was NONONO followed by a quick rubbing of my eyes to remove the scarring mental images (ok...maybe not...but they really were disgusting). But the following few photos are excellent examples of how to work the double denim trend without looking like a total prat...

...and how not to. Seriously, I love Chloe, but this is just not nice. What is up with those weird knee patches?! And if you're going to have a baggy top, you gotta have some shape in the legs (or vice versa) else it just looks like you're wearing your builder's cast-offs. Plus the hippy hair doesn't help either. Step it up, Ms MacGibbon.

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